Saturday, April 26, 2014

Menu for week 17

This post is a day early, but tomorrow I won't have time to write it. This is because we are going on a Beltane picnic with friends tomorrow. Even though the weather will be crappy and rainy. But we will see. There is stuff for the picnic in the oven as we speak.

The menu this week is a bit different from normal. There are more lunch dishes because I experimented more with fish in my lunches. I have insufficient vitamin D, and next to going outside more and taking supplements, I have to up my fish intake for the time being. I need to watch this especially in winter, because I can't spend enough time outside because of my low energy levels. Even though I still feel guilty about it, I need to do what I can to stay as healthy as possible.

Sunday: Omelet with the leftover veggies from the ratatouille from Saturday.

Monday Lunch: Home made bread with mackerel salad and boiled egg.
Monday: Potato oven dish with mushroom and bell peppers. I forgot to take a picture.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Spinach, tomato and basil risotto (recipe to come)

Wednesday lunch: Avocado, strawberry, spinach and salmon salad.

Thursday: Fish cuisine (from halibut) with potatoes and spinach (which was still in the microwave when I took the picture)

Friday: Fish cuisine with a sweet potato mash with chives and cheddar
Saturday: Pizza fungi

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  1. Nice blog and nice tips! Enjoy your picnic, Let's hope it will be nice wheater, I live in the Netherlands as well and I would like to have a sunny sunday too :-)