Monday, April 28, 2014

Comfort Food: Vegetarian Kapsalon

Kapsalon is a dish that they serve in most snack bars in the Netherlands these days. Original this is a dish with shoarma meat on top of fries. And on top of that cheese, lettuce, garlic and sweet chili sauce. It is a very unhealthy choice, so we don't eat this very often, but Nick used to get it every once in a while. Of course in the snack bar there isn't a vegetarian option, so when I saw this dish on Lekker en Simpel, I had to try it. She made a slightly healthier version with chicken and more veggies. Still not a very healthy choice though, but that is okay every so often. I adjusted this version to vegetarian.

Vegetarian Kapsalon: (serves 2)
- 200 gr vegetarian shoarma
- 250 gr potatoes, cubed (krieltjes)
- 100 gr lettuce mix
- 1/2 cucumber
- 1 tomato
- garlic sauce
- sweet chili sauce
- handful grated cheese

First bake the potatoes in some oil for 15 minutes with the lid on the pan until soft. Bake the vegetarian shoarma softly for about 5 minutes. In an oven dish place the potatoes and add the vegetarian shoarma on top of that. Lastly add the cheese and place the dish in the oven for about 10-15 minutes on 200 degrees. Meanwhile cute the tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce if needed. When the dish is done. top it with the veggies, some sweet chili and some garlic sauce.

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