Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beltane: Strawberry Avocado Couscous Salad

It isn't Beltane until the first of May, but I will already start to blog some related recipes while I make them. Especially because the Beltane department is lacking on the blog. Somehow I always manage to post recipes for Ostara and Imbolc, and after that I kind of forget.... So not this year! Beltane might be known to people as May day, it is part of the 8 pegan festivals, and I try to celebrate them each year because I like to be in tune with nature and these festivals follow that flow. Typical Beltane foods are strawberries, honey and edible flowers. The latter is a bit of a challenge, but I might come up with something. This year a picknick is planned with some friends, and I will make things for that too. But this recipe appeared on the menu because I was looking for something summery that was easy and a bit on budget. The recipe is vegan and will be very suitable for a picknick. The avocado holds up nicely in this recipe because of the vinaigrette. But you have to play a bit with the sweet and sour balance. I like it a bit more on the sweet side. Original recipe comes from Damn Delicious.

Strawberry Avocado Couscous Salad (serves 4)
- 1 cup couscous
- 1 avocado, cubed
- 0.5 cup corn kennels
- 0.5 cup strawberries, sliced
- 2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
- 2 tbsp pine nuts (optional, does make it more expensive, but would taste great)

Lime vinaigrette:
- 0.25 cup olive oil
- 0.25 cup apple cider vinegar
- zest of 1 lime
- 2 tbsp fresh lime juice
- 3 tsp sugar or more to taste

For the vinaigrette whisk all the ingredients together. Set aside.
Prepare the couscous, by pouring boiling water over the couscous in a pan. Stir through for about 90 seconds until the couscous absorbed the moist. Cover and leave it to rest for about 3 minutes.
Combine with the other ingredients and stir in the vinaigrette.

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  1. Lekker. Je kunt natuurlijk ook in balsamicoazijn gemarineerde aardbeien maken! En lavendelkoekjes? Iets met vlierbloesemsiroop of oranjebloesemwater? Gesuikerde rozenblaadjes... Veel plezier met bedenken!