Sunday, January 5, 2014

Menu for week 01

So let's have a look at what we ate the past week. Still a bit of a weird week because of new years. But the last 4 days we were pretty much back to normal.

Sunday: We had the winter oven dish from last week, and fritters as lunch :)

Monday: Pumpkin soup with bread and cheese

Tuesday: On new years even with did raclette with friends, and I made these snowball truffles.

Wednesday: We munched on leftovers from new years eve.

Thursday and Friday: We had "beef" chimichurri.

Saturday: Sajoer beans with rice and meatless balls in sateh sauce. We will eat this today as well.

For next week I have mainly new recipes on the menu :) So that will be interesting :) Hopefully I can blog the recipes from the wintery oven dish and the sajoer beans this week.

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