Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recipe review: Samosa wraps

I just love everything samosa. The combination of spices and potatoes is just amazing. So when my BF wanted to have wraps for dinner I proposed to make samosa wraps. I had the recipe pinned on my Pinterest board for quite some time.

Sadly it is the time of year that it is getting dark around dinner time, and I am not so crazy to start cooking in the afternoon just for the pictures ;) I suggested the recipe from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. The wraps tasted great! My BF cooked that evening but because he followed the recipe and didn't really change that much, I am not going to write out the recipe. Just click on the link to go there :)

However there are some slight modifications by accident actually. He forgot to use the tofu, which we are going to do next time. And he spread the wraps with sour cream before filling them up. I didn't pay attention at all that night because I was exhausted again and I was just glad that he cooked. I only just noticed now, that the recipe was vegan originally and that we accidentally de-veganised it. But I do have to admit that the addition of the cream is a good one, if you are not vegan. I notice that my BF is starting to show more initiative in the kitchen and not longer follows recipes blindly but adds stuff on his own. This is a good thing, but can result in things like this, because he doesn't think of something being vegan, unless I ask him to ;) So things like this might happen in the future, because he actually cooks most of the time now, with me as guide, and making the menu.

The one other thing he did was place the wraps in our panini grill for a short time. This I like very much, and we are going to keep it this way! Not only it gives extra flavour to the wrap, it also makes it easier to eat :)

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