Saturday, September 7, 2013

My experience with soy milk

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One of the more easier things to do when going vegan would be replacing milk with soy milk or other plant based milks. I am very curious about nut milks or rice milk too, but so far I wasn't able to taste those yet. Soy milk is by far the easiest to acquire, so I tried replacing milk with soy milk in the past. My boyfriend didn't really like it. I am fine with it in cooking and baking stuff but not drinking it. But I have to admit I don't like to drink milk either. Soy butter was a welcome replacement in our home though and we don't buy any regular butter for our bread any more. But I do like to drink smoothies and most of mine are still vanilla yoghurt or milk based. So I decided to try a vanilla version, maybe we would like that better.

We made a blueberry smoothie with this soy milk, but sadly we didn't both like it that much. To be honest there wasn't much of a vanilla taste to be spotted. Only a very light after taste. And I found it tasted more like anise. I like that flavour in the background, but not when it is overwhelming like here. So sadly we won't be buying this again and I have to say that after two fails on soy milk, I am not very enthusiastic to try more. So I could use some tips. How about almond milk? Or rice milk? Might it be the brand of soy milk? Of course I can make smoothies without any milk at all, but I do like the milkshake-smoothies better, so I don't want to go without all the time.

How do you replace milk in your smoothies? Please give me your recommendations and success recipes! 


  1. I use vegan milks in things and love them, but in general, I don't want to drink a glass of any non-dairy milk, but I never wanted to drink a glass of dairy milk either. CHOCOLATE milk, however . . . :D

  2. It depends on what's available in your area, but I love (and will drink on its own) almond/coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, and hazelnut milk. In my opinion, soy milk all tastes too soy-y and rice milk is too thin/watery. Apparently you can make your own almond milk really easily with a high-speed blender and nut milk bag, in case you can't find any near you.

  3. I really like plain, unsweetened almond milk too in my smoothies. My son also likes to add a banana to his smoothies. It helps make the smoothie creamy but be careful because it can take over the flavors.

  4. Perhaps it's the brand? Because I always drink Alpro Soya milk and like it! Some other brands taste less good.
    I tried rice milk a while ago, also was pretty nice. Still curious about almond milk etc