Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pin it and Do it: Carrot-Lemon Cake and Bell Pepper Risotto

Pin it and Do it is a challenge hosted by Trish from Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity. I always love her Pinterest challenges and I always try to join in. All though I have to admit that often I end up with more pins after the challenge than before ;)

One of my biggest boards is my baking board, and unlike my cooking board, it doesn't get used that often. Cooking is something I have to do every day anyway. But baking, I do about twice a month. My boyfriend and I both like lemon cakes. We often end up baking something lemony. We also tired carrot cake and liked that, so a combination of the two seemed awesome to us. I repinned this recipe from another pinner a while back and it is from goboroot.

This is really a success recipe. The cake is so moist! We baked it in a normal oven dish, that is why we cut it in brownie like squares. I really love the combination of the carrot and the lemon. It is sweet, but not too sweet and also not too sour. I would recommend this to people who find a regular lemon cake too sour. This one really isn't. Go here to the original recipe and two other recipes with carrot.

By now, you will probably know that I am a huge risotto fan and one of my favorite blogs for risotto recipes is amuse your bouche. This roasted red bell pepper risotto with goat cheese is no exception. My boyfriend loves bell pepper and because it is roasted it gives a lot of extra flavor. I can really recommend it. On the picture it looks a bit dry, but I think this was made on the 2nd day we had it. It was so good that I forgot to make a picture on the first day ;) Click on the link above for the recipe.

This post is part of Weekend Cooking hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Please check out what the other participants have made!


  1. Risotto is the best, isn't it? I'm definitely checking that recipe out. That combination of lemon and carrot sounds really good too.

  2. Lemon and carrot - fab! Have a grreat weekend

  3. Carrot cake always has this unbelievable moistness. Lemon and carrot together sounds fabulous.

    Here's my Weekend Cooking post.

  4. I would have never put lemon and carrot together but why not! Looks wonderful.