Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recipe: Tomato Clafoutis

I think I have mentioned my 24-kitchen channel addiction a few times already ;) But there are worse things to be addicted to than a cooking channel on TV. At least we have been trying a lot of new recipes because of it! This recipe was originally only with tomatoes but we didn't think that was enough veggies for a main dish so we added some more things. Whatever you add to this dish doesn't matter that much, but make sure you drain as much moist from the veggies as you can. The original recipe can be found on the 24-kitchen website.

Tomato Clafoutis (serves 4)
- 225 ml milk
- 4 eggs
- 50 gr flour
- 3 tbsp creme fraiche
- 400 gr cherry tomatoes (or a mix of tomatoes and other veggies. I used 250 gr cherry tomatoes, 1 bell pepper, spring onions and basil)
- 50 gr grated cheese
- some garden cress
- salt and pepper

Pre heat the oven on 200 degrees. Beat the eggs with milk and whisk it little by little trough the flour. Add the creme fraiche together with some salt and pepper to taste. Grease an oven dish with some butter and place the veggies, herbs and cheese on the bottom of the oven dish. Pour the batter over everything and place this dish in the oven until it is done and golden-brown. The original recipe says it takes 20 minutes but we needed a full hour.


  1. Looks nice! I've only heard of fruit cafloutis. Is this something you eat as a main meal, without any other dishes? Like a hotpot?

    1. That is what we did. It is kind of like a quiche. That is also why I wanted to add more veggies or else it wouldn't be enough nutrition wise as a main meal.