Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#131 - Build your own cracker bento

I actually had other plans for this bento, but we had so much leftover from dinner, that I decided to just save it for the next day and pack another bento. I had plenty of muffins in my freezer stash and I also had these new brand of crackers that I wanted to try.

Sorry for the dark picture. It is that time of year again where everything is dark and my phone doesn't deal too well with pictures in evening light. Anyway in this bento there are 2 muffins. One date pistachio muffin and one courgette-feta muffin. I had to cut them into pieces because this bento is low and these muffins are huge ;)
In the other tier there are 2 large crackers broken into halves. (For the Dutchies, it are Vitalu crackers, very tasty!) As a topping I brought a vegan cashew-paprika spread and mozzerella. I know this doesn't really make sense, but because I switched around my bento planning, I needed to fill it with whatever I had in my fridge, and there wasn't that much. I also brought some pistachios to nibble on during my school day.

I did wrap up the crackers in plastic after I took the picture, or else they will get soggy. This isn't my most creative bento but I loved the combination of the crackers with the spread. Also the muffins are a handy treat to take with me to eat during the smaller breaks.

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