Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Cooking: Now you're cookin' Cheese

Title: Now You're Cookin' Cheese
Author: Rebo
Publisher: Rebo Publishers
Release date: 2002
Length: 96 pages
I got this book: from my own collection

"Rebo’s Now You' re Cookin' Series comprises more than 45 different titles that focus on the most popular themes of contemporary cuisine. A great collection of mouth-watering recipes complemented by superb photography, these books capture different aspects of the world’s best main courses, desserts, tapas and cocktails. Perfect for everyday family meals or relaxed entertaining!"

Personal opinion:
I got this book and some other books from this series, I think maybe 7 years ago. It was that time when I first started to buy cookbooks and these have a low price. This book focusses on cheese recipes, of course. All though most recipes are really simple to make, I didn't cook much from the book. I only remember making cheese muffins once. So when Zeronic wanted to eat a cheesy pasta, I pulled this book from my shelf to see what was in there. I found several recipes that I could make and other cheese goodness. I have to say that now I picked this book up, I am quite enthousiastic about cooking more from this book.
Receipes I would liek to try include: several oven dishes, some stuffed pastries and those cheese muffins that I made a few years back. The book isn't vegetarian but a lot of recipes are and others are easily adjustable. Of course vegans, wouldn't get much out of this book. In one sentence I would say that this is a decent cookbook for cheeselovers on a budget.

Purchase links: It seems this book isn't around in digital stores, I still see the Dutch versions around in cooking stores and the like. Hopefully this is the same for international copies.
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This time a very easy and quick recipe!

Cheesy-herbal pasta: (serves 3)
- 250 gr pasta
- 100 gr spinach
- 250 gr mushrooms
- 80 gr garlic butter
- 1 clove of garlic
- 80 gr grated cheese
- salt and pepper

Cook the pasta until soft. Meanwhile clean and cut the mushrooms, spinach and garlic. Drain the pasta. In the garlic butter, bake the mushrooms, garlic shortly. Add the spinach until it starts to shrink and then add the pasta. Heat it through. Add some salt and pepper if needed. Serve with a handful of grated cheese on top.

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Also part of the Cookbook Challenge, hosted by myself. This challenge is about cooking from books that have been hardly used.


  1. That is an easy pasta dish. I love cheese so I'll have to see if this available in the U.S.

  2. Love pasta and cheese without any red tomato sauce getting in the way!

  3. Your Cheesy Pasta dish looks delicious and so easy too. It would be perfect for an easy weeknight meal.

  4. That looks good. I worry about cheese cookbooks putting entirely too much on every dish, but that seems a reasonable portion, too. Our vegetarian meals usually have some cheese!

  5. Looks so good, so cheesy. I'd love it. Going to look for this book!

  6. Cheese - my sweet little downfall - what would I do without it??? Interesting recipe book. Have a great week.

  7. I love cheese! That recipe sounds so good. I may try it tonight.

  8. This recipe sounds great without the cheese and with a plantbased garlic butter as well!

  9. I just got hungry reading your post! That pasta dish looks tasty and easy! I have all of those ingredients on hand, too.

  10. Yum! I do love cheese, so this might be something handy in my house. :D