Friday, October 26, 2012

Vitatas #25

And it is time for another weekly menu. This week I have kept it fairly simple because of my fatigue, which is bothering me greatly at the moment. It leaves me with nagging pains in my joints, general tiredness overall and crankyness because I dislike it so much that I don't get enough done. Anyway.... we still have to eat, so here is the weekly menu!

I love the look of this bag! Look at the rainbow carrots! Aren't they pretty? :)
In the bag: Rainbow carrots, Chinese cabbage, parsnip, leek and sweet potato.

The menu for week 43-44 will be:
Thursday/Friday: Broccoli and potato oven dish with last weeks'broccoli.
Saturday: We are eating out
Sunday: Mashed sweet potatoes with cabbage (in the recipe index)
Monday: Carrot and black eyed bean stew (Meatless Monday Cookbook p205)
Tuesday: Noodles and stir fry veggies, with cabbage, carrots and other vegs.
Wednesday: Curried Leek and apple soup (Soup of the Day, p228)
Bento: Onigiri

I wanted to make carrot cake again (my first try turned out too spcy for my taste) or carrot cake muffins. But that requires baking soda, which I don't have atm and I need to buy that at a special store here. Maybe next week, if I have enough carrots left over.

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