Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vitatas #24

It has been a very long time since I posted my last menu with a veggie bag on my blog. For the past couple of months we just didn't have many veggie bags, or I didn't have time to blog about it. This weeks bag makes quite a puzzle again ;) I also have planned out my menu till Saturday before the bag came in because of a Greek cookalong that is coming up :)

In the veggie bag are: 1 celeriac, 2x corn on the cob, a broccoli, a smalle butternut squash, fennel, beets. Zeronic and I both really dislike beets. We have tried to make them in several ways, but we just don't like them...

The menu for week 42/43 will be:
Thursday/Friday: Nacho ovendish with avocado, bell pepper, corn and kidney beans. (recipe in the recipe index)
Saturday: Savoury Stuffed Pittas from a vegan taste of Greece (p34)
Sunday: Roti with potato, pumpkin and egg. (recipe in the recipe index, only this time I use the option with pumpkin instead of beans)
Monday: Fennel risotto (Dutch recipe here)
Tuesday: Mashpot with celeriac, eggs and chives. (non vegetarian recipe here, going to adjust it)
Wednesday: Something with broccoli. I have no clue yet, but broccoli is an easy veggie to work with, so it should be fine ;)

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  1. Sounds delicious! I'm coming over for dinner every night! ;)

    We get beets often in our co-op box and to be honest, I was always kind of so-so about them until this year. For years I prepared them only one way--an Indian style preparation that I could tell you about if you're interested. Then early this spring I discovered eating beets raw and I LOVE them that way! I carefully julienne the beets into very small slivers. Almost as if they were shredded, but neater. Then I just toss into green salad with other fun ingredients like chopped celery, apple, dried cranberries and a few pecans. Yum!

    Have you ever roasted broccoli in the oven tossed with fresh minced garlic, olive oil and salt? My family devours it that way. If I have any left over--which I rarely do, I add to an omelet the next day for breakfast.

    Now I'm hungry.. lol!