Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snack Review: Pudding Pretz

No Pocky this week, but Pretz. They are both from the same company Glico, but Pretz normally is the more savoury kind of snack. However, these Pudding Pretz are actually more sweet than savoury.

This package contains one sachet of Pretz sticks and a sachet of sauce to decorate them with. I am not really into decorating those sticks, so I just tossed it on there. The sticks taste sweet, but I don't really get the pudding flavor. The sauce is more like a jam and tastes like a combination of strawberry and caramel. It is really nice. I have to say that without the jam, this snack isn't that special, but together it does make a good snack.
You can get these for 1,99 pounds at Tofu Cute.

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