Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#125 - The ugly bento

When I was working through my bento backlog, I came across this one and I was in doubt if I should even share it. My bento are more ment to be practical than pretty but this is a real piece of uglyness right here ;) I had to shove some quiche down to make it fit and it doesn't look pretty.

In this bento there is a zucchini quiche, a few small vegetarian bean burgers and some red lentil falafel from the freezer stash. Nothing fresh to fancy it up but I was cleaning out my leftovers and this is what it became. I think I took this one to school with before summer break, but I am not entirely sure. But I know it was tasty. That quiche has become my favorite one over the summer.


  1. I'm sure it was tasty! Thanks for reminding me about bean burgers and falafel, I need to make some if those soon!

  2. That is indeed some ugly-ass bento you've got there xD
    Luckily the tasty food makes up for the uglyness~

  3. That indeed doesn't look really fancy/appetizing, BUT I am quite curious about the quiche now, as you've called it your favorite. Any hint to where I can find it on your blog? (^_-)

    1. Yes, it is on the blog :) Right here: