Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Snack Review: Mango Mousse Pocky

Doesn't this sound delicious? Only the name makes my mouth water already, haha.

These mousse kind of Pocky are classified as dessert Pocky. The biscuit is enclosed in a thick, and I mean really thick, mousse layer. They smell really sweet and lovely. They really taste like mango without being overpowering or with a chemical aftertaste. None of that here! Just fruity, creamy goodness. The only downside? They only contain 12 sticks in total. They are split up in 2 packages of 6.
You can get these at Tofu Cute for 2,50 pounds.


  1. I don't really agree with your. They are a little bit too sweet... and mango flavor is too artificial... And they cost in HK... less than 1 pound :-)


    1. Well it is all a matter of taste with these reviews :) So you are allowed to disagree :) Lucky you, that they are so cheap in HK. Here in Europe we aren't so lucky.