Friday, March 9, 2012

Vitatas #15

Aaaand we are back on track.... sorta ;) Only a small bag this week, but I managed to make a menu out of it and even have leftovers ;)

In the bag there is a small butternut pumpkin, broccoli, a large bag of carrots and a fennel bulb.

The menu for week 10-11 will be:
Friday: Baked potatoes with creamy spinach and meat replacement.
Saturday: we eat at my mom's place
Sunday: Pasta with pesto and fennel beans.
Monday and Tuesday: Vegan three bean chili with carrots, corn, mushrooms and more. (500 vegan dishes, page 160)
Wednesday: Thai carrot burgers (veggie burgers every which way, page 61)
Thursday: Broccoli mashpot with pesto and tomato.
Extra: home made peanut butter (home made winter)

The butternut will probably be used in a roti recipe in the next week.

Have a nice week all! What will you be eating? 

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