Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snack Review: Meiji Chocolate Cookie Bar

Today I will review another Meiji chocolate bar. This time one with pieces of biscuit inside.

Choc & Bisc is one of my favorite combinations, so I was happy to try and review this bar for J-list. Unlike the bars I know from Milka who have a bottom layer of biscuit and chocolate on top, this bar has small pieces of biscuit inside of the chocolate. I like this concept much better to be honest because I like the biscuit to be an addition and not the main ingredient. Otherwise I would eat a chocolate covered cookie instead. The quality of the chocolate was also great. The chocolate is nice and creamy and just tasted great in general. The pieces of biscuit provide a crunchy touch, which I like very much. This has to be one of the best chocolate bars I tasted recently, so I would surely buy this again. I paid $2,50 for this bar on J-list.

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