Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snack Review: Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Pocky

I do love Pocky, that is no secret and this flavor seemed nice so I thought I try it.

This is one of the more luxury kinds of Pocky and falls more in the category of dessert Pocky. It is presented in 4 packages that have 6 sticks each. The sticks are a lot thicker than the regular chocolate Pocky and they have also a much thicker layer of chocolate around the biscuit base. On top of that there is a thin layer of cocoa powder. I love the quality of this chocolate. The taste is sweet and creamy and it has a certain depth. It is not quite like regular milk chocolate and the cocoa gives it a slightly bitter counter taste. For me the pre packaged portions of 6 sticks are just perfect because they are quite filling. They are however on the expensive side with $4 for a package. You can get this snack on J-list.

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