Friday, February 10, 2012

Vitatas #13

So it is time for another weekly menu post! Sadly something went wrong with our order this week and we didn't get the bag we ordered. We always order the bag with extra veggies but got a normal one instead.

In the veggie bag this week there are two zucchini (courgette), celery, butter lettuce, broccoli and celery root. Next to the bag we also got black salsify, avocado and sweet potato. The menu will be kept fairly simple this week, because I don't have a lot of energy with these sub-zero temperatures. A lot of easy recipes on repeat and not much new this week.

The menu for week 6-7 will be:

Friday: Lettuce mashpot (recipe here)

Saturday: Cream of Broccoli soup (recipe here)
Sunday: We are at Tsunacon, a Japanese culture convention
Monday: Black salsify and avocado salad

Tuesday: Gnocchi with courgette/zucchini sauce (recipe here)
Wednesday and Thursday: Courgette/zucchini- bell pepper quiche

Bento for Tsunacon: 3 different stuffed onigiri including Sweet Potato onigiri (recipe here)
Bento stash: Courgette/zucchini fritters which I meant to make last week but couldn't due to illness. (recipe here)

I will use the celery root next week, but who has a good recipe for me to try?


  1. You can keep the celery bulb for some time in the fridge. Just put it in kling film. There is no need to consume it within one week. Once cutted the celery will change its colour on the surface like apple does - just cut and use it in time.

    You could try Waldorf salad (grated raw celery, grated apple, crumbled walnut, maybe pineapple or mandarin pieces in joghurt/cream sauce), you could mash it with potatoes (1:1), you could coat raw slices (1 cm thick) in breadcrumbs and fry them, you could cook thin slices in a little salted water and put some onion and a vinaigrette on, you could use it cubed in soup (typical German 'greens for soup') ...

  2. Thank you so much for all the tips. Here I can work with :)