Friday, January 13, 2012

Vitatas #11

This week the vegetable bags weren't delivered at our local organic store so we were allowed to pick out our own veggies from the assortment they have. This resulted in a rather summery vegetable bag. Mainly because they didn't get the wintery vegetables delivered.

In the bag we have a lot of broccoli, lettuce, fennel, grean beans, 2 courgettes and cherry tomatoes. I also have some leftover veggies from last week but I found a recipe that will clean that out in one go :)

The menu for week 2/3 will be:
Friday: Crisis soup - this is a soup where you can basically toss in all your leftover veggies :)

Saturday: Gnocchi with courgette sauce (recipe here)
Sunday: BBQ-tempeh on Italian home made bread with a heap of veggies.
Monday: Tofu burgers with courgette and tomato with a salad.
Tuesday: Cream of broccoli soup

Wednesday: Pesto pasta with fennel beans (recipe fennel beans here)
Thursday: Broccoli Quiche (from CyV on Met de Paplepel, in Dutch)
Lunch: More home made Italian bread :) And who knows if I will make something else this week.

So a nice balanced menu with 5 new recipes and 2 on repeat. I wanted to try cream of broccoli soup for some time now and because we have lots of it this week, I have placed it on the menu but I haven't got a good recipe yet. So if you have one for a vegetarian cream of broccoli soup, please let me know :)

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