Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snack Review: Pocky Double Chocolate

Because Tofu Cute had a lot of new Pocky flavors in their store I was able to try plenty of them. This is one of the flavors I was very curious about, because I really love chocolate, and double or triple chocolate is almost always a hit with me.

When I opened the package a strong chocolate scent was released. That was a promising start. I tasted my first one, and I was actually surprised by how strong the chocolate flavor was. Normally the chocolate of Pocky is not really strong and this was pretty intense. The thick chocolate coating is sweeter than the dark chocolate biscuit, which gives this snack extra depth in flavor. There isn't really that much to say about this snack. If you are a chocolate lover you will most likely appreciate it. With 1,99 pounds this is a more expensive type of Pocky than some of the others they sell. For this price you get a 46 grams package which equals to about 23 sticks. Get it here at Tofu Cute.

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