Friday, December 9, 2011

Vitatas #8

I got a beautiful vegetable bag again. Only what to do with all those beets?! I still have a batch of pre cooked ones in my fridge as well. But this week we will have beets on the menu!

In the bag there are: lettuce, celery, bok choy, white cabbage, beets, a muddy carrot and 2 courgettes. In my stash I still have leek, sweet potato, cooked beets and some broccoli.

The menu for week 49/50 will be:
Friday: Oven fries with a salad. (Really low on energy today, so I will keep it simple)
Saturday: Noodle Soup with bok choy (recipe here)

Sunday: Gnocchi with a sauce from courgette and sundried tomatoes. Inspired by Rozemarijn. (recipe here)
Monday: Baked potatoes and coleslaw in a pesto mayonnaise and a burger or other kind of meat replacement.
Tuesday: A Pataks curry with sweet potatoes.
Wednesday: Broccoli-Leek mini quiches.
Thursday: Spiced up beets in coconut milk.
Lunch: French toast and maybe Turkish bread with hummus.

If you are curious about the previous weekly menus, please check them out on my weekly menu page. As always, I try to update the menus with pictures and recipes during the week.


  1. I love the contents of this week's bag :) I had lots of witlof in it, and am now trying new things with it. Like quiche ;) What about a beet carpaccio with wasabi cream? The new Vegetarisch Fit has the recipe. Emailing it to you now!

  2. Ooh That does remind me that I still have old editions of Vegetarisch Fit laying around. I need to look in them more!

    I am curious about the beets prepared in a coconut milk. I still need to get used to the taste of beets. Only had it in soup so far.

  3. Mmmm great veggies -- even zucchini!

    You could use a bit of your cabbage in the salad tonight... Now don't be scared! ;) Just slice it very thinly and don't use too much. It will give a nice bite to your salad. Also, cabbage is supposed to give you energy..!

    And how about this Moroccan beet salad? Not-too-fond-of-beets Petra tried it last week and liked it. :)

  4. I need the whole cabbage for the coleslaw apparently ;) And tonight I have avocado in my salad. Will that mix together? :)

  5. Great bag this week. I love beets. I would be interested to try the spiced ones in coconut milk -- that's a taste that would be new to me for sure.

  6. I am very interested in that recipe myself. If it was good, I will share it for sure!