Thursday, December 22, 2011

#113 and #114 New recipes going bento

Lately the bento had all been a bit of the same but in the past week I launched some new recipes in the mix.

Zeronic's bento has the endive noodles that we tried last week, which were a bit too gingery for me but he liked them. Zeronic did say that the next day the ginger was overwhelming even for him, so recipe needs tweaking. Other than that he has apple wedges, a broccoli muffin and laughing cow cheese.

My bento has gnocchi in courgette sauce, which was most excellent cold. So I will surely take gnocchi with me more often! In the star cup there is a homemade bean pate which was very good! I also have a broccoli muffin, cucumber for dipping and a laughing cow cheese. Not on the picture is some Turkish bread I took to go with my pate.


  1. Well done! Any chance of you posting that bean dip recipe for our special blog hop? ;P