Thursday, June 16, 2011

#91 and #92 - Two quick and simple bento

I have been incredibly busy this week. Zeronic started at his new job but I only made him 2 bento this week. I was even too busy to make more. Anyway, now my school has finished and I have completed the first year successfully, I hope to be able to rest up a bit during the summer :)

This bento I made at the beginning of the week and it is nothing special. Just some fried rice with mushrooms, peas and spring onion. Apple slices in the other tier. Still he likes it better than bread so that is why I rather make simple bento for him to take.

Today I made the 2nd bento with broccoli fritters, stir fried cauliflower and sateh "kroepoek". There is also a snack cucumber hiding next to the fritters ;) I have to get used to the fact that Zeronic no longer has a microwave at work to heat up his bento. So no more lasagna bento or things like that ;) But lots of things are still good cold :)

Hopefully I will soon find the time and inspiration to try some new things. The broccoli fritters are a variation on my courgette fritters recipe. I only used one more egg and added nutmeg as well.


  1. I totally understand Zeronic's preferences! I also much prefer something else than bread for lunch. Sandwiches are much easier to prepare, though, but I'm sure he's happy with whatever you make for him.

  2. Yum! I love all the food that I see on your website! I'm going to be looking around a bit!