Friday, February 11, 2011

#73 - Quick fried rice bento

Since it wasn't sure yet that the BF would be going to work today, I didn't know if he would need a bento or not. So when he did go to work, I had to toss something together. Therefore another quickie today. Too bad that this week didn't go as planned, since I wanted to try another new recipe, but I guess that will have to wait till next week.

In the bento there is fried rice with peas, mushrooms and corn, 2 risotto balls, sausages and edamame. Tomorrow one more bento. But since I am sickish myself, I am not sure what I will do with it yet.


  1. One of your penpals here! I have been checking out your blog since I follow you on Twitter just to admire your creations. I am just wondering about some silly things. It always looks great on the pictures, does it stay that way during transport? And what do you transport it in?

    Also I was wondering if your boyfriend or you ever get any reactions from people at work/school about these bento lunches? Just curious!

  2. The thing is that you have to pack your bento really tight, that way the food won't shift much. I use a bento belt to wrap around the box so it can't open. And you have special bento bags too for transport :) I am planning to post about my supplies soon, so I can picture these bags as well :)

    As for reactions: It varies. At the McDonalds they loved the fact that I did this, so he had healthy meals. But at the job before they thought it was odd. Mostly people are curious though :)

  3. I made risotto balls last weekend too! And kept four for my today's bento but now it's full with Japanese leftover goodies and the risotto balls didn't fit anymore... Maybe I'll prepare another bento on Wednesday. ;)