Thursday, February 10, 2011

#72 - Stick Figure Bento

Since I was at school till late yesterday and the BF was supposed to have an early shift today, I asked him if he could make his own bento. He did make his own bento and was feeling creative too ;) Too bad that he has the flu now and that he has to eat his bento at home. He said that he felt too bad that he couldn't have made this for me.

 In one tier he made a salad from clementine and cucumber with a stick figure on top. The head is one of the risotto balls, the body is made out of cheese and the limbs are made from tiny sausages. He dressed her with a lettuce dress and the facial details are cheese eyes and a chives mouth.

The main dish is leftover lasagna (that he can heat up in the microwave at work, but today at home) and cheese hearts. I do think it is kind of awesome that he makes his own bento and gets so creative with it.

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  1. It's really nice that your boyfriend is also into making bento's and doesn't he do a good job? Very nice, very creative!