Monday, February 7, 2011

#70 - Small fried rice bento

Just a quickie today. The BF has only a 5 hour shift from 3PM till 8PM but since it does stretch over dinner time I made him a small bento anyway. I only have small bento boxes in pink though. I usually don't use these for BF bento, but he doesn't have a big break today so no time to eat a bigger bento. So pink it is ;)

In the bento is fried rice with mushrooms, peas and corn with soy sauce and some beans and red paprika as a side, fried in garlic & coriander sauce.

We ate a warm meal at lunch today and tried a new risotto recipe. More on that later this week ;)


  1. It looks very tasty! I love that bento box too :) Just curious, how many do you have? Will you be making the risotto for a bento? Won't it be too sticky? Never had cold risotto :s

  2. I have 5 regular two tier bento. The sakura shaped two tier one, a two tier square blue one, the large dinner bento, a cat shaped bento and 2 pink snack bento.

    And I turn the risotto into balls again if I add it in the bento. Cold risotto balls don't stick and work perfect in bento :)