Monday, February 22, 2010

Snack review: Pocky milk coffee flavor & Limited edition maple milk Koala's

With my last order I also grabbed some snacks to try. I am a sucker for Japanese candy, especially Pocky & Koala cookies, so I tend to try out new flavors a lot :)

On this picture there are the Chocolate Koala cookies together with the limited edition winter maple milk flavor. Basically a Koala cookie is a small biscuit filled with chocolate. Another common flavor is the Strawberry one. I really like these cookies because of the sweet chocolate that is inside together with the sweetness of the filling. The winter maple milk Koala's have a sweet milky filling, as expected. The thing I didn't expect though was that the biscuit itself tastes like coffee. Since I don't like coffee this was a not so pleasant surprise for me.
My boyfriend however does like coffee and he does like them, but even he thinks the coffee flavor is too strong compared to the filling.

Since I figured he would like the milk coffee flavored Pocky I ordered a box of those too, and I dared to try them. Prepared this time that I might not like them, I was surprised once again but now in a good way. It had a light mokka flavor rather then coffee, so I actually didn't dislike them. They will never be my favorite though ;) My boyfriend liked these better then the Koala cookies because the coffee flavor was in the coating, not in the biscuit and therefore not as strong. So they will probably be purchased more often, unlike the maple milk Koala's ;)


  1. These snacks are so cute; thanks for sharing about their flavors :)

  2. Wow! I love your blog! will be following you now if you don't mind! :) I also looove food, will try to make some of these ^^
    Heart shaped rice is soooo cute!!