Sunday, February 21, 2010

New box: Black Sakura box

I was in love with this box for a while now and a few weeks ago I decided to order it from J-list.

I really love the shape of this box and the color too, combined with the pretty pink Sakura flowers on top, this makes one cute box! My boyfriend didn't think the box was to feminine to take to take it with him, though I have doubts myself. But as long as he is okay with it ;)

Here is a better picture of the box where you can see the different parts. The upper and lower tier are of the same size and they both contain 450ml, making it bigger then the average bento box. I really like the lids from this box because they close really tight and I have the idea they keep the food more air sealed and therefore more fresh.

Filling it for the first time was a bit of a challenge though, because the new shape takes some getting used to. But I see possibilities for the future which I don't have with the rectangular boxes. But for instance I couldn't place pocky under the lid, because the box isn't long enough.

The only real downside of this box is that it can't be used in the microwave. I knew this before I bought it, but I bought it anyway. This box was just too appealing not to add to my bento collection.


  1. Me too... I love this box! Soo pretty!

  2. I guess great minds think a like because I have that one in my wish list too as well as the pink one. I can't wait to see what you put in it.

  3. I just ordered that one a couple days ago!Anxiously waiting for it to come!

  4. I have this box too and I love it! I have been creating reviews of my bento items (just for fun) including pictures of lunches I've made with each box. If you'd like to see my review page for this box, it is here:

    I put a link to your review on my review page - hope that's okay! If you don't like that I can remove it.