Thursday, February 4, 2010

New bento box

Because the boyfriend works in shifts, he also has to have dinner at work on a regular base. Since the normal 2-tier bento left him a bit peckish, resulting him raiding the fridge when he got home, I decided he needed a bigger box and thus I ordered one on e-bay. Or so I thought...

This set arrived yesterday. According to the description on e-bay it was supposed to be larger then the ones I had, but I was kinda disappointed when it arrived because the box doesn't seem bigger at all. In fact I wonder if it isn't smaller then the average 2-tier box. It seems that on a picture the box seems bigger, which can be a bit misleading. Aside from that it is not a bad buy.

The bottom lid is deeper then average, however you can't fill it till the top because the lid closes different, so you need to take that into account when filling it up. That is because the upper tier fits snugly into the bottom one. There is plenty of space in the bottom tier though, but not so much in the upper one. What I do miss is the extra lid when you can sneak in some biscuits or other small goodies. It does seem to close better then the rectangular 2-tier box from the same series. The box is very sturdy and it will certainly be used alongside the others. But it doesn't fit the purpose for which I bought this box so the hunt continues. I do find the shape and size very cute though :) And, not entirely unimportant, the box is microwave safe. But do remember to take the lids off :)

I ordered these cute long picks with the bento box :) I already discovered they are very handy and much nicer then using toothpicks ;)


  1. I really really like the box though, great colour and nice matching bag and cutlery...

  2. where did you get these stuffs.. T,T
    i've been searching for these.. :) tell me..