Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bento for week 11

In the past week I only posted one recipe because I had the mother of all migraines which kept me away from my computer for several days. Luckily the slow cooker did most of the work for me food wise in the past week and the recipes that I had planned, I just have to move forward. No biggie.

Nick was really craving potato salad so we made a big batch of Japanse potato salad for our lunches. There are also some Spinach ricotta muffins from the freezer stash with some cucumber slices and green tea Toppo in the lid.

Here there are some Dutch poffertjes with powdered sugar and vegetarian roti from the slow cooker. This was the recipe that I wanted to share so I could link back to it now, but I will try to share it this week. It is my school week though and while I mostly try to plan posts ahead for that week. This didn't happen either.

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