Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bento for week 10

The past week was a pretty normal week. I had more energy because we finally had some good weather, which makes such a huge difference in managing my illness. I am in less pain and I am less tired. bento wise we didn't do anything special this week. There were pancakes on sale so we got those and stuffed them with a mixture of 250 ml Boursin cuisine cheese, 400 gr mushrooms and some spring onions. Just bake the mushrooms and onion shortly before you add in the cheese to melt. Really easy and hardly noteworthy. But it was tasty!

Here are the pancakes in the left tier and some pasta with spinach and cream cheese in the right one. It was just leftover from dinner. I made an extra large portion so we could both eat some for lunch as well. In the lid there is Green Tea Toppo.

More Toppo green tea flavoured sticks here. Together with a sweet potato vegetarian minced meat casserole from the evening before. In the right tier there are more pancakes, and Nick already ate his spinach ricotta muffin it seems ;) That spot wasn't empty ;)

So yeah, the bento aren't that special this week. But sometimes you just have to keep it simple :)

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