Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bento for week 4 and 5

Two weeks ago Nick had the flu. He lost his voice and when working at a help desk, you kinda need that ;) But the day before he would go to work, I did make a bento. I didn't share it last week, because a post with only one bento in it is a bit of a waste, so I shared a recipe instead and combined it with this week.

This bento is a bit different from usual, as it has a dish that needs to be heated. But Nick has access to a microwave at work, so if it comes to that, it isn't a problem. It was some leftover cheesy potato oven dish. In the other tier there is kisir, a Turkish bulgur salad. In the lid there is custard Toppo.

This is the bento of this week. There is a Turkish style omelet, which I will share the recipe of below. The panda cookies were in the lid, but Nick choose to photograph it this way. In the other tier there is curry madras with rice. I won't share a recipe of that one, because I just used a store bought package, which had the veggies for it.

For the 3rd day I didn't do a bento this week. But we made some hummus with sundried tomatoes and we had that on bread.

In the Turkish style omelet I use a Turkish white cheese that I bought in a speciality store. But you can substitute feta, if you want. It does make a difference in taste because the Turkish cheese is creamier. The recipe I use comes from My Mixed Kitchen.

Omelet with Turkish Cheese (serves 4)
- 6 eggs
- 100 gr Turkish white cheese
- a handful fresh parsley, dill and / or fresh chives

Mash the cheese a bit with a fork and cut the herbs. Mix them together. Add the eggs with a tiny bit of water and beat them into a creamy mixture.

Melt a bit of butter in a tiny skillet. Pour half of the egg mixture in. On medium heat let the egg cook slowly. The top of the omelet shouldn't be fluid any more but may be a bit wobbly in the middle. Make sure the bottom doesn't get too dark. Turn the omelet and let the other side bake shortly.
Bake another omelet with the rest of the mixture. The serving size is half an omelet.

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