Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bento for week 02

The 2nd work week of Nick was even harder than the first, because we had to combine this with me going to school. We managed it in the end, but it was a bit hard to plan for. I guess that eventually we will be used to it, but it will take some time. Anyway: we still made some good recipes for the bento, which was nice. Good food always lightens the mood :D

This was Nick's bento for Tuesday. In the bento was some Eggplant Potato Curry with rice, a dinosaur cookie in the lid, carrot-feta fritters and caprese bread with herbal cheese. From the latter two I will post the recipes later in the week.

Nick made me this bento for my school day on Wednesday. I also have caprese bread with cream cheese, some crispy biscuit balls and hummus tuna wraps.

The recipe for the wraps is really easy, so I will share it real quick :)

Hummus Tuna Wraps: (serves 1)
- 1 wrap
- about 1/3 can of tuna
- some hummus
- fresh basil
- sundried tomato

Mix the tuna with some hummus and sprad this on the wrap. Cut a sundried tomato and some basil into stripes and top the wrap with it. Roll the wrap tightly and cut into 8 pieces.

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