Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bento for week 01

I am only going to show the bento I made about once a week. I manage to keep blogging every other day now, and I don't want to increase that. This way there is a weekly bento post and the rest is filled with recipes. I made 3 bento this week, and that will be the average. I only show two here because two of the three bento were kind of the same. I have to say that I have a pretty hard time adjusting to the new work schedule but hopefully that will go better in a couple of weeks.

Nick took this picture himself at work. In the bento are Turkish potato salad, cucumber, Indian dahl, spring onion and cheese muffins, some leftover cheese cubes and panda pocky in the lid. The 2nd day he had dinosaur cookies in the lid, but the rest was pretty much the same.

In this bento are slow cooker beans in sateh sauce with rice and vegetarian balls. More muffins and a slice of speculaas carrot cake that I had to stuff in there to make it fit.

I cook up new recipes faster than I blog them so that is why I never manage to work away my recipe backlog. But the muffins we actually made before, I just haven't gotten around to blog them.

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