Saturday, December 26, 2015

FoodBlogSwap: Cucumber Boats with Avocado

First of all: Merry Christmas everyone! In the Netherlands we celebrate 2 days of Christmas, so I am still allowed to say it ;)

For the FoodBlogSwap I was very happy that I got to cook from the Answer is Food. I actually made recipes from her blog before. Like this Pesto Couscous and Corn Soup. And there are some other recipes that I still want to try because she has a lot of recipes that are very suitable to pack in a Bento. However this time I picked a recipe that is suitable for New year's eve. We always have some friends over and of course we make snacks. So I choose to make her cucumber boats. She made them with salmon and sundried tomatoes. And while I love both, I choose to use avocado in mine. I love the combination of avocado and herbal cheese, so that is why I wanted to try that. On New year's eve I will probably make the sundried tomato version too.

Cucumber Boats with Avocado:
- 1 cucumber
- couple of spoonfuls herbal cheese (the original recipe says 60 gram, I just stuffed the cucumber without weighing the cheese)
- 0.5 avocado
- lemon juice
- toothpicks

Slice the cucumber in half length wise. Scoop out the middle with a tea spoon. Stuff the cucumbers herbal cheese. I used 2 dessert spoons to scoop in some cheese and spread it out evenly with a knife. This worked pretty well, even though it was still a bit messy.

Cut the cucumber into thick slices with a warm knife. Holding the knife under warm water really helped to slice neatly and the herbal cheese stayed on it's place.

Slice the avocado in little cubes and sprinkle lemon juice over them. Stick a couple of acovado pieces playfully on a toothpick and then stick it on top of a cucumber slice.

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