Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Baking Love: Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies

Christmas and cranberries seems to be a trend that has reached the Netherlands from the United States, which is fine by me, because I love my share of cranberries every once in a while. I made this cookies the previous winter, but I never got around to actually write about it. Now seemed the perfect time to share them finally on the blog. This is another recipe that I tried from Laura's Bakery. She also shares more difficult baking recipes but I tend to stick to the simple things that I know I can manage and that are still delicious. Granted my cookies don't look as pretty as hers. They are actually a bit misshapen. But they tasted great and are especially good to bake for white chocolate lovers.

Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies: (makes about 20)
- 225 gr butter
- 150 gr white castor sugar
- 8 gr vanilla sugar
- 1 egg yolk
- 280 gr flour
- pinch of salt
- 90 gr dried cranberries
- 90 gram white chocolate, chopped

Beat the butter with the two sugars until creamy. Then mix in the egg. Add the flour and salt and knead until you have a firm dough. Lastly add the cranberries and the white chocolate and scoop them through the dough evenly.

Make a roll from the dough and wrap it in cling foil. Leave the roll to cool in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Pre heat the oven to 190 degrees. Remove the cling foil and cut the dough into 0.5 cm slices with a sharp knife. Bake the cookies for about 18 minutes. If you have to bake in multiple batches, place the 2nd batch in the fridge until you can put them in the oven.

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