Monday, May 4, 2015

Menu for week 17 and 18

This will be a very picture heavy post. In both weeks we tried a lot of new things so we made lots of food pictures. And I also deleted the menu of week 17 per mistake on my phone. So I have no clue anymore what we had exactly..... I will keep the descriptions short and sweet.

Sunday Baking: Japanese sweet potato muffins. Tasted really good. Recipe to come.

Monday: African Peanut soup. Yum!!

Tuesday Lunch: Leftover spinach omelet

Tuesday: Turkish Potato fritters. Served in a very Dutch way ;)

Wednesday Bento: Tomato bread, sweet potato muffins and mushroom soup

Wednesday: Lettuce and bean mashpot

Tuesday and Friday: Something with the left over beans... a potato salad perhaps....

Saturday: A friend came over before Nick went to the cinema. We had bean wraps.

Sunday: After we were out the whole day, we ate something we almost never do. We had microwaved lasagna. It is edible....

Sunday snack: We compensated by making cauliflower fritters as a late night snack ;)

Harvest: Our own radishes!

Monday Lunch: A heaping sandwich including said radishes.

Monday: Strawberry pasta salad for Beltane

Tuesday: Potatoes, spinach and fish fingers

Wednesday: The African peanut soup again. We saved some in the freezer. Still good!

Thursday Baking: Cheese and thyme balls

Thursday and Friday: Eggplant tagine.

Saturday: After a day of swimming we ended up ordering subway :)

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