Sunday, April 19, 2015

Menu for week 16

It is a beautiful day today! We will do some baking later but for now let's see what we ate in the past week. I always try to write a nifty intro here before I post my menu. But I am not really good at that. I sometimes see posts from bloggers that tell about their week at length before they post their recipe or menu. While I have it said and done in one paragraph. I was never good at small talk anyway ;)

Sunday Baking: We made a delicious tomato bread! Damn this is the best savoury dish I made in a long time! Recipe will surely follow and I will make it again this week to take a couple of slices to school with me.

Sunday: The ever favorite combination of baked potatoes, spinach, egg and fish fingers.

Monday: A sushi "beef" bowl. Nom! I loved this. We had enough leftover for lunch the next day.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Couscous salad. Now that the weather gets warmers. Salads are back on the menu.

Thursday and Friday: A broccoli pasta oven dish. The picture is from before it went in the oven. A decent recipe and budget friendly.

Saturday: The broccoli was on sale so we made another dish with it. This potato and broccoli pie. Another tasty and budget friendly recipe.

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