Monday, April 13, 2015

Menu for week 15

The menu looks a bit different this week because of the Easter weekend. We spoiled ourselves food wise :) Other than that, a mix between new and old recipes and some baking :)

Easter Breakfast: We ordered some stuff at the bakery, so we had a nice Easter breakfast with bread rolls, and a donut for me ;)

Easter lunch: More bread, this time with a boiled egg.

Easter Sunday: We did raclette for 2. We just bought some veggies and fish and we had a great time :)

Easter Monday: We went to American Buffet Corner in Velp. I kept forgetting taking pictures till desert. We had a great meal!

Tuesday and Wednesday: A Turkish oven dish with tomatoes. This tasted awesome! Recipe to come.

Wednesday Baking: Oreo Brownies. Those were tasty! Luckily we shared with friends :) Recipe will follow.

Thursday: Spaghetti with pesto and turnip tops. Lovely spring dish :) Recipe to come.
Friday: We had an unexpected BBQ with friends because it was such a lovely day. I forgot to take pictures. Something with living in the moment ;) Not handy when you have a food blog though.

Saturday: It was cold en stormy! What a contrast with the day before. We still had split peas, so time to make some curried pea soup!

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