Monday, March 16, 2015

Menu for week 11

In the past week, we tried four new recipes, and the other days we just had easy meals. None were with kale ;) I hope you did enjoy the past week with the kale recipes. I am planning to have more weeks like that, to make it easier to write away my back log. This week, I have some spring themed recipes in store. But first let's see what we cooked in the past week.

Sunday: Broccoli with curry sauce, potatoes and "meat" balls.

Monday and Tuesday: Classic spaghetti bolognaise, but vegetarian. I loved to taste these classic flavours again. I didn't make this in years! Recipe will follow.

Tuesday Snack: We try our hand at healthier snacks. So we made our own tzatziki and served that with some pita's. This is the second time I made this tzatziki, but the recipe isn't on the blog yet.

Wednesday Baking: Blondies with a spring twist. I love the pastel colors of the smarties. Recipe to come.

Wednesday and Thursday: Cauliflower Tonight. I used a jar of Chicken tonight in tomato cream flavour, but replaced the chicken with cauliflower and added some corn. Served with rice and our own tzatziki.

Friday: We ate at a friend's house and she made quinoa with veggies, feta and pesto. Served with falafel. I loved this meal :)

Saturday: Homemade Fishburgers. We tried this for the first time and it tasted awesome! We made an avocado cream to go with it and some baked potatoes. Recipe to come.

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