Monday, February 16, 2015

Menu for week 7

I have a lot of pictures this week for the weekly menu post, because I also tried some new things for lunch. Last week I needed a bigger lunch than usual for some reason. I can't pin point it exactly why, but I listened to my body and just made some good lunches :)

Weekend Snack: Eggplant balls. These were great! Would also be very tasty with a pasta dish. Recipe to follow.

Sunday: Cheese and "bacon" pancakes.

Monday: Vegan kale mashpot with homemade "bacon". recipe will follow.

Tuesday Lunch: Scrambled egg with red bell pepper, spring onion and leftover kale.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Pasta in a creamy pumpkin sauce. We made this last winter but I forgot to blog the recipe. Will do it soon :)

Wednesday Lunch: Wraps with cream cheese, and cranberries. Lovely! Recipe will follow.

Thursday Baking: Peanut Butter Mug Cake. Recipe to come.

Thursday and Friday: Vegetarian toad in the hole :) Recipe will follow.

Saturday: Baked potatoes, spinach and veggie cheese schnitsel.

Look it the heart shaped potatoes Nick made me for Valentines day ;)

For next week, there won't be a lot of new recipes. We are having an easy week :)

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