Sunday, February 8, 2015

Menu for week 6

We ate a lot of yummy things this week. A lot of comfort food too, because it was damn cold in the past week. It was a school week too, as well as Imbolc, so there were some different recipes on the menu.

Sunday Baking: Because it was Imbolc, we baked a typical Imbolc recipe. Boterkoek or buttercake. Recipe will follow very soon :)

Sunday: Avocado Mashpot. Really a spring recipe already, most suited for Ostara, I thought, while I was eating it. But comforting enough for the winter as well.

Monday: More Imbolc cooking. We made colcannon cakes again, like last year. But instead of spinach, we used kale this time around :)

Tuesday: Because we needed to eat something that I could bring to school with me the next day, we made our classic couscous salad. We ate it lukewarm.

Wednesday Lunch: Yes, you spot a bento ;) There is only couscous salad in there though. At school I also bought an Indian curry soup.

Wednesday and Thursday: I wanted to eat black salsify for a couple of weeks already. So we made a pasta dish with it. Recipe will follow.

Thursday Lunch: It was a very cold day, and I had some leftover veggies that I needed to use. So I made a scrambled egg with bell pepper, tomato and spinach.

Friday and Saturday: One of our favorite comfort food dishes on a budget, bulgur in tomato sauce. Yum!

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