Sunday, February 1, 2015

Menu for Week 4 and 5

I had all the pictures made and ready for week 4, but last Sunday, I just was too ill to write a post. So here are 2 weeks of meals :)

Sunday Lunch: Because I still have to eat extra fish to keep my vitamin D up. I made a cream cheese sardines spread. It doesn't look like much, but it does taste quite nice.

Sunday: We kept it simple. white beans in tomato sauce, fish fingers and potato croquets.

Monday and Tuesday: Jamie's Fish Curry. This was really good!

Wednesday: Nick wanted to make curry sausage. Of course we used vegetarian sausage. Served with fries and peas.

Thursday and Friday: Noodles with 5 spice sauce and stir fried veggies.

Saturday: We went to eat in a Mexican restaurant. The light is really bad, so that is why everything that is red, looks pinkish. I had burritos with veggies and tomato sauce on top. With rice and beans on the side.

Sunday: Pizza burgers. This was a really nice weekend meal!

Sunday Baking: Moroccan peanut cookies. A bit odd, but quite nice :)

Monday and Tuesday: Beans ovendish with mashed potatoes on top. Maybe something like a Shepherd's Pie..?

Wednesday and Thursday: Mac, Tomato and Cheese. A really good recipe!

Friday: Mexican Tomato Soup. A recipe that I used to make a lot years ago, befor this blog but kind of forgot about. A shame really that we didn't make this for so long.
Saturday: We had a thank you diner with my volunteer job, but I forgot to take pictures. I had sushi ;)

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