Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Typical Dutch: Cheese and "Bacon" Pancakes

One of the most typical Dutch things have to be our pancake restaurants. Here you can order almost every pancake combination on the menu, but a classic has to be a bacon and cheese pancake. When a friend came over a few weeks ago, we didn't feel like spending much time in the kitchen, but we wanted to make something tasty, so we went for pancakes. We used a 24-kitchen recipe, but replace the bacon with faux bacon. It tasted just as good, according to our non vegetarian friend. It is a great basic pancake recipe. You can add in whatever toppings you would like.

Cheese and "Bacon" Pancakes: (serves 4)
- 110 gr flour
- 300 ml milk
- 2 eggs
- pinch of salt
- cheese
- faux bacon

Sift the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. Pour some milk in the hole and add the eggs as well. Stir until you have a smooth mixture. Add the rest of the milk, stir through and add some salt to taste.

Heat a pan and bake some faux bacon until it is crispy. Add a ladle of batter and move it around in the pan until the bottom is covered. Turn the pancake after about 2 minutes. Add the cheese on top and let the other side bake for another 2 minutes.

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