Sunday, January 18, 2015

Menu for week 3

This week things finally quieted down a bit. I got rid of that cold somewhere during the week, so I had more time to spend on the menu and all that. Still we also mixed in some more easy recipes, mainly because I have a huge backlog to blog again and if I make only new recipes each week, this will continue to grow ;) It still does now, but more slowly ;) Still I realise that I count 5 new recipes... oh dear.

Sunday: Pumpkin-pear soup from the forest feast cookbook. I am not sure I will share the recipe yet. Because of our small oven we couldn't roast the pumpkin and pear in one go, making this a little too time consuming for our taste to make again. I did like the taste though.

Monday: Potato pancake. Recipe to come.

Snack: I received my first Bites We Love box. These are fairly healthy snacks that contain nuts and dried fruits. I so far had 2 bites during the week and I both quite enjoyed them to nibble on during the day. I will receive a box like this every other week.

Tuesday: We had half a butternut left from the soup, so we made a mash with potatoes and feta. With vegetarian sausages. Recipe to come.

Wednesday: We tried our hand a temaki sushi. We need to practice more, but I will share it on the blog to add to my sushi collection ;) The salads were left over from New Year's day, still closed, so we used it in our sushi.

Wednesday Baking: Millionaires shortbread, recipe to come.

Thursday and Friday: Pasta with spinach, cream cheese and some sundried tomatoes.

Saturday: We had two friends over for a board game night and prepared easy lamachun.

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