Sunday, January 4, 2015

Menu for week 01

Nick has a nasty cold, so I hardly slept last night. So excuse me for the spelling mistakes that might occur. I make more mistakes when tired. On the menu for new years eve was raclette, a yearly tradition. We host a party and friends come over to celebrate with us.

Sunday: We tried a new kale mash recipe, this time with shoarma. Recipe will follow.

Monday and Tuesday: An oven dish with green beans, mashed potatoes and faux minced meat. Very good! Recipe to come.

New Years Eve Snack: Peanutbutter-nutella truffles. These were so yum, I wish I had some now. Recipe to come.

Another New Years Eve Snack: Bastagne and white chocolate truffles. Also very nom! Recipe will follow.

New Years Eve: Some side dishes. 2 kinds of herb butter and veggies.

New Years Eve: More side dishes. Japanese Potato Salad, tomato, mozzarella and basil on a stick and more salad.

New Years Eve: One of our raclette plates. Totally on the left marinated tempeh. Which I also neede to post the recipe off, but this seems to be the only picture I have. Oops. This is normally my crafting table, and because I can't move all the stuff, we always cover it up.

New Years Day: We ate the leftovers from the party, so more raclette.

Friday and Saturday: Another recipe with kale, this time a lasagne. Recipe to come.

You see, we made a lot of new recipes in the past week ;) Next week we will do less new recipes, because I can't keep up with the blog ;) But expect all these somewhere of the next couple of weeks....

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