Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Food Bucketlist

At the beginning of 2014 I made a food bucketlist, which became huge, and that I didn't share here. Because I was afraid that I wouldn't stick with it. But now I want to share which goals from my food bucketlist I accomplished. And maybe even share a tiny part of the goals I take with me to this year (because damn, that list was long).

I went to the ABC restaurant at least one time. This is an all you can eat restaurant with all kinds of different departments, like sushi, Italian, Chinese etc. We went there to celebrate the b-day of a friend.

Try the 2 new sushi restuarants in Nijmegen, where I live. I visited Shabu Shabu a short while ago. Just because a friend of mine and I felt like it. The other restaurant I still have to try.

Make some Indonesian Dishes from scratch. I started out with this goal in the beginning of last year. I made a vegan babi ketjap, sajoer beans (also vegan) and Foe Yong Hai. I also made another recipe but I still need to post that.

Go on a picnic. In may last year we went to the Millinger theetuinen and had a picnic there for Beltane.

Make apple sauce. I did that, a the recipe you can find here.

I also made something with lemoncurd. Even made it from scratch too. And used it in these sun cookies.

I also visited the Bagels and Beans. On Nicks b-day we went to have lunch together. I have been there before but we don't really do these things very often, so I actually put it on my list, to make it happen ;)

Bake shortbread. Last year around this time, I never made shortbread. But 2014 was a bit the year of the shortbread. After I made one, I couldn't stop and I actually hosted a shortbread month on my blog :) These peanut butter and chocolate shortbread cookies became our favorite and we actually made them again last Sunday :)

I have some half competed or ongoing goals. Like make salads you love, because I am not much of a salad eater. But I discovered I like salads as long as they are not too leafy. My favorite was this couscous salad with salmon, but also loved this simple cauliflower and pea salad.

I am also still using my cookbooks and trying to cook my way through my non vegetarian cookbooks, to give them away when I am done with them. But this is a slow process, because there are so many recipes I want to try, and Pinterest is such an easy tool for finding new recipes...

So a few goals that remain on my bucketlist are:
- make baba ghanoush
- Eat in a Turkish restaurant (because in 2014 I discovered my love for the Turkish kitchen, but I actually never ate in a Turkish restaurant)
- make a key lime pie
- buy a waffle maker
- buy and make something with coconut oil
- eat at Tapas restaurant 't Zusje
- go out for high tea
- Try new flavours of Ben and Jerry's

and much more.

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