Monday, December 29, 2014

Menu for week 52

During x-mas I didn't have time to blog much, because between the festivities I was also battling the flu. This was a bit of a downer for the x-mas dinner plans and all that. I will try to blog some recipes this week, but if not, I will just write more posts in January again ;) This does mean that the x-mas baking recipes will also be posted late. But there is always next year ;)

Sunday Baking: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. OMG!! These are the best! Recipe will follow soon :)
Sunday: Greek Omelette, the same we ate that Friday before.

Monday and Tuesday: Spinach Pesto Pasta, also really good! Recipe to come.

Wednesday Baking: X-mas Bundt Cake. Sadly I didn't ate anything of it, because this was the day that the flu started to kick in. But according to anyone else, this cake was amazing. (recipe to come)

Wednesday Snack: Of course on x-mas eve, there had to be chocolate.

Wednesday: Mushroom Risotto, made by Immi, who offered to cook for us :)
Thursday: We went out for dinner with my mom, but I only had a bowl of Chinese tomato soup and 3 pieces of sushi. I forgot to take pictures, because I was having trouble enough as it was ;)

Friday: On boxing day we just made sushi. But because I was still sick, Nick had to make it ;)

Saturday: Today we had this high tea party for a 40th anniversary. But I had to miss out because of that damn flu. So Nick quickly went to the store to get me a quiche.

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