Sunday, December 21, 2014

Menu for week 51

In my head I am only thinking of food for the holidays. The grocery lists has been made and the menu has been decided. But this week was still a normal week, even though it doesn't feel like that at all. We try to eat on a budget at the moment, but that is harder than you would think, because all that is on sale are holiday related items.

Sunday Lunch: Sometimes you just want to eat a more elaborate lunch. This green toastie is really satisfying. Recipe will follow soon.

Sunday and Monday: Pumpkin and spinach risotto. Last week the pumpkin was on sale, so I happily grabbed one for the budget menu. (recipe to come)

Tuesday and Wednesday: Annabel's Turkish soup. This is made with lendils, which are cheap on their own. I loved this soup! Recipe will follow.

Wednesday Baking: Cinnamon stars. But the recipe was no good. The cookies lost their shape and that shouldn't happen with the right recipe. So today we will bake another batch of cookies, so I can still put a cookie recipe up :)

Thursday: Greek Omelette. Again very budget and nice. What is not to like about a veggie omelette? Recipe to come.

Friday: Durum. Out of a box.... when we ate the chimmichurri last week, Nick grabbed an extra box because they were on sale. It was okay, but not too special.

Saturday: We had a coupon for a huge discount on the Subway, so we ordered that for dinner. I couldn't even finish all of this ;)

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